Dedicated To Excellence

I strongly believe in the importance of going above and beyond the average expectations and requirements. Excellence cannot be achieved by following the average.

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By independently learning advance topics, and naturally implementing them where appropriate, I push the limits of my ability and expand my understanding. This understanding provides a the big-picture approach to software problems that are necessary in our industry. From Developing to Software Architecture to User Experience and Client Communication.

I make sure everything is done right.


    From projects to mentorship programs to voter registration. I'm driven to provide value to my clients, colleagues, schoolmates and communities. Bringing my attention to detail and long-term, big picture mindset to every project I undertake.

    Professional Experience

    I have a history of creating efficient, secure, and maintainable software.

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    Organizational Experience

    President at UTD Blockchain - Member of SHPE - Member of ACM

    As a leader in my University, and the Dallas Blockchain Industry, I make sure to work with the University Administration and Industry professional to organize valuable workshop, tech talks and mentorship opportunities to our members to prepare them for their professional work.

    Software Stack

    The technology I use to create great software

    I have the most experience with ReactJS and Nodejs for web applications. Using Docker, Travis CI and Mocha to handle CI/CD and QA Testing. For projects that require a microservices architecture or heavy computational power I rely on Golang to achieve best results. The majority of the hosting and cloud architecture of the projects I undertake are either through Digital Ocean or Google Cloud.

    It is not by muscle, speed, or physical dexterity that great things are achieved, but by reflection, force of character, and judgment.

    - Marcus Tullius Cicero

      Need To Get In Touch?

      Whether it's for a job opportunity, project idea or if you just wanna chat.

      The best way to get in touch with me is by emailing me at